The inspiration for the name “Pony Box” and the logo came from a drawing by Jamie’s daughter. When asked what the drawing was, Tatiana explained, “It’s a pony box, you put everything in it, even your dreams.”

Pony Box Dance Theatre brings the joy of dance to everyone.

The mission of the Pony Box Dance Theatre is to elevate the lives of the community by exposure to professional dance programs and performances.

Pony Box Dance Theatre integrates visual art to create theatrical, unpredictable contemporary dances. An all male company based in Long Beach, the troupe has performed in New York City, San Francisco and at numerous art galleries, festivals and venues in Los Angeles.

art + music + dance + theater= pony box dance theatre


“I love the good energy I feel when I’m watching Pony Box dancers move. For some reason, it’s easy to feel part of the whole experience, there is an invitation in their movement to enjoy and observe and even delight in their efforts and leaps. Then when I understand the ” story” of the moments dance, I feel edified artistically and a bit smiled at emotionally. Im tellin’ you, I really love to watch them dance!”
Denise Ramirez, Long Beach Resident, ALOT participant