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In advertising, you have a choice.  You can create something trendy, hip and current.  Something that people can relate to now to show you are relevant to today’s culture, today’s trends, and today’s styles.  Or, you may want something that has the ability to remain relevant today, tomorrow and beyond.  Think YOLO or the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  But companies that capitalized on it made strides ahead.  There is no wrong way to advertise your products or services.  However, it must be the right message, reaching the right person, at the right time.  And more important, it must be RELEVANT to them.

Without relevancy, you’re just another face in the crowd. 

RELEVANT is a creative advertising and marketing company designed to make you, your brand, product or service RELEVANT to your target market.  Think of us as a full service marketing department for hire.  From creative, to graphics, copywriting, digital, media buying, strategy and analytics, we do it all.   Additional Services Listed Below.

Sometimes you need a high level look at your marketing strategy.  Forget a 3-year plan.  Lets start with a 3-month plan.  Small and manageable goals with specific timelines and specific milestones.  RELEVANT.Agency will help you stay focused, create a short term marketing plan, and ensure you reach the goals and objectives you have set forth.  Whether you have an advertising budget of $1,000 or $100,000, there is something you can be doing, right now, to increase sales.  We will consult with you on your existing strategies, develop a growth gameplan, and help you execute.  Contact Us for more information.

Us here at the RELEVANT.Agency are entrepreneurs.  We have our own independent projects we work on, from eCommerce, special events and mobile apps.  We know startups.  We know small business.  We know how to build something from nothing.  If you need assistance in starting your business, with short and long term goals in mind, you have found the right place to be.  We will assist you with brainstorming, development, creative, and strategic growth.  And no, we don’t ask for equity, and yes, we do sign NDA’s.  It’s your business, it should stay your business.  We just want to help it grow, because when you’re big and strong, you will remember us, who helped get you there.

When you can’t see the forest through the trees and need an outside perspective, RELEVANT.Agency is here to help.  We have over 15 years of experience in developing custom promotions designed to drive traffic and revenue.  Let us brainstorm with you to develop that perfect promotion to achieve your specific goals.

They say that half of all your advertising dollars are wasted.  But nobody is sure which half.  We help you figure that out.  When you are buying media, whether it is radio, television, print, direct mail or digital, if you are not using an agency, you are taking the media reps word that what they are telling you is actually true.  They will show you fancy ratings sheets saying they are the best.  They will show you what you want to see.  However, that isn’t necessarily the truth, and it comes at the expense of your hard earned dollars.  Let RELEVANT.Agency perform a FREE media audit of your advertising buys.  Our years of research and experience will help to identify if your current advertising strategy, costs and media mix are accurate.  If not, we will make recommendations for you, for FREE, with no cost or obligation to you.  We do this because we know advertising works, if it is done right.  We help you make it work right.

RELEVANT.Agency will assist you in recruiting, qualifying, interviewing, hiring, and paying models for you photo or video shoot, brand ambassador needs, private party functions (bartenders, servers, greeters, etc.) or for any event where you need extra hands.  Throwing a fancy birthday party and need servers or bartenders?  Need an adult performer for that special guest?  Let Relevant.Agency help you find the perfect person for your needs.

The RELEVANT.Agency team has a very specific experience in industries that many other agencies don’t have specialists in.  We like to tap into that experience and provide specialized support to specific industries, and those that want to think and grow like them.  Our team specializes in niche market.  If you want to grow like these big guys, RELEVANT.Agency can help.

  • Family Entertainment (Water Parks, Theme Parks, Entertainment Centers)
  • Movie Theaters and Production
  • Retail and Driving Direct Traffic
  • Adult Modeling and Website Development

Some of the people we’ve had the privilege of working with

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